Infrastructure Projects Hold Construction Backlog Steady

A recent article published by Construction Dive sheds light on the success of infrastructure projects and their role in keeping Construction backlogs stable, amidst concerns about the state of the US economy. Despite challenges and uncertainties, the United States has demonstrated remarkable resilience and progress in its commitment to infrastructure development.

Stable Backlog Amid Economic Uncertainties

The article reveals that infrastructure projects in the United States have maintained a steady backlog, despite fluctuations in the economy. This stability serves as a reassuring indicator of the resilience of the sector and its ability to weather economic challenges. The sustained backlog points to the continued commitment of stakeholders to invest in crucial infrastructure developments, ensuring a reliable foundation for economic growth.

Employment Opportunities and Economic Boost

One of the significant advantages of infrastructure projects is the job creation they bring. The Construction Dive article highlights the employment opportunities generated by these projects, from architects and engineers to construction workers and project managers. By fueling job growth, infrastructure initiatives not only stimulate economic activity but also contribute to reducing unemployment rates.

Quoted in the article, ABC Chief Economist Anirban Basu expects Construction to continue creating jobs throughout 2023: “Contractors [expect] to bring on additional talent over the next six months, an indication of ongoing industry expansion.”